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Subject: CXS progress update & new weekly meetings counting towards voting rights

Hello CXSers,

Thomas and I have been hard at work on coming up with the
specification draft and are getting ever closer to a first draft. You
can see the progress in the Github repository here:


We are working at the same time on the GraphQL schema (in the
javascript subdirectory) and the specification (in the docs
subdirectory). The specification is written using ASCIIDoc, which
allows us to focus on content as well as directly embed parts of the
GraphQL schema inside the specification document.

One big important change: the specification (not the TC) has been
renamed from Context Server specification to Customer Data Platform
(CDP) specification. We feel this reflects the work being done better
since the CDP term has emerged.

In order to get ready for a proper format process on the specification
draft, we have made our weekly calls count towards voting rights so if
you want to join so you can get the voting rights please feel free to
do so (and remember to track your attendance in the OASIS meeting
tools). By default we use Skype when it's just the two of us but if
more want to join we can switch to Google Hangouts (please let us know
in this mailing list).

I'd like to make sure the roster is up to date also, so if you are no
longer interested in this TC's work, please also let us know in the
mailing list. Don't worry we understand :)

Of course, we welcome all feedback on the work and we are very focused
on getting this out the door before the end of the year.



Serge Huber
CTO & Co-Founder

T +41 22 361 3424
9 route des Jeunes | 1227 Acacias | Switzerland

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