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cyber-council message

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Subject: Following-Up Cybersecurity Standards User Council inaugural call / 26 June 2017

Dear all,


I’ld like to thank everyone who took the time and joined the call on Monday … finally we get to set-up the CySec Standards User Council, now it’s up to us to make it work and deliver!


Following up the discussion we have some home work to do regarding:

  • More clearly scoping the scope and operational mode of work the council will perform (part of the to-be-established working programme)
  • Distinguish Council and its work from TCs etc. esp. to avoid IP issues (by current scope of council not seen a present issue but still has to be taken into consideration at appropriate level)


Please feel free to comment and add points I possible missed.


Regarding further steps I’ll set-up regular calls / webconf meetings (at least 1 per month) to have a platform for discussions. As I’ll be traveling abroad and through several timezones until July 7th I’ll send invited etc. latest the week after next.


In the meantime: As quite some people joined the council group since Monday already please feel free to drop me some lines about your aspirations, possibly existing specific challenges you’ld like to be addressed as well as possible contributions.


Best Regards & looking forward to work with you,


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