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cyber-council message

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Subject: 1st council call 2018 - Monday Feb 5th 1200h GMT-5/US EST

Dear all,
as this is the first call for 2018 it would be great when as many of you as possible join us so we can touch base and align on our agenda for 2018.
Most of you have been busy with Q4/year end buzz last December. So let’s take the chance and review our half-year of council activity, take some lessons learned and prep for 2018. Goal of the council is to help standards work even better for your and your organizations, so involvement and aspirations are key to reach this goal.
Thomas Schreck who has been with FIRST.org for years and serves now as Chiarman of the Board of FIRST (beside his challenging job at SIEMENS CERT) will give us an overview on the experiences and insights by FIRST with relevance to Cyber standards and applicability in real-world.
As currently NATO community is preparing for CWIX 2018 (Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise, see http://www.act.nato.int/cwix) this year STIX/TAXI/MISP will play a major role the development of the Federated Mission Network Cyber capabilities of some nations and NATO itself. As I’m supporting this from German with a team side I’ld be happy to provide a brief overview (UNCLASS of course) on what’s goin’ on there. Happy to go in depth in August after CWIX 2018.
Last but not least, as RSA Conference in San Francisco is coming up an April any most probably many of us will be there … let’s discuss the opportunity to set-up a face-2-face meeting.
Have a nice Sunday & looking forward to our call,

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