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cyber-council message

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Subject: Planning to close the Cyber Standards Council

Members of the Cyber Standards Council,

The world has certainly changed in a handful of months. Work on solutions to cyber crime continues to heat up and OASIS committees continue to be in the thick of it.

With the launch of the Open Projects program and, in particular, the Cybersecurity Alliance, attention has moved on from the Cyber Standards Council. We note that there has been no activity evident since the end of 2018. Therefore we've decided to close the council. We all have enough on our calendars and we don't see a need to keep the group active when everyone has moved on to other initiatives.

I plan to deactivate the council next Wednesday unless someone raises concerns. The archives of the council's work - email archive, etc. - will remain publicly available as is standard OASIS policy.

Thank you all so much for the contributions you made. You have helped evolve the world of cyber defenses forward and for that we can all be proud.Â

Best regards,Â




Chief Technical Community Steward


+1 201-341-1393

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