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Subject: Draft Technical Committee Charter: CMIS4DAM

After a bit of a pause, we have made some progress on a draft technical
committee charter in regard to "CMIS4DAM" (which is the friendlier name that
Carol Geyer of OASIS suggested we use for this standard).

I have written a DAM News article about it and placed a link to the docs
which you can download here (no registration required)


It would be useful to get some feedback on this from list participants.
Once agreed, we will need to have this sponsored also by five people from at
least two OASIS organisational members.

Based on information kindly provided by Florian Mueller a few months ago, we
are planning some basic examples also to explain how to access a CMIS
repository and from that we will need to consider how to incorporate various
DAM standards like IPTC, PLUS, PBCore etc so they can interoperate with
CMIS.  That is likely to be the point where we move away from the procedural
discussion and into the more in-depth technical elements.

Any questions, comments etc, please feel free to respond to myself and/or
the list.



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