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Subject: RE: [dam-cmis-profile-discuss] Draft Technical Committee Charter: CMIS4DAM

Hi Chet,


> One thing I don't see in it though is any expectation that DAM systems will be able to integrate in plug & play ways with other DAM tools


OK, I understand your point, but isn’t this what we’re doing here?  In other words, CMIS4DAM is the protocol by which this integration will occur. There are other metadata standards (which we have addressed) and also the operations that can be called generally (which compliant DAM systems may implement to greater or lesser degrees) but the integration is going to be through CMIS with DAM-specific data exchange and operations being covered by the ‘4DAM’ aspects.


On the DAM Foundation characteristics, those are ‘wish list’ items that a typical DAM user would expect to see in a candidate product.  We should ensure that CMIS4DAM addresses them and there is traceability from that list, but most typical DAM end users won’t have a great deal of interest in precisely how the implementation is achieved. 


Providing the standard is widely understood and we back it up with educational materials to explain the business benefits, I would imagine many would be very interested that a given system was CMIS4DAM compliant since it would open up the options in terms of connectivity between solutions, which is going to become a crucial factor (for all the reasons we discussed last year during the initial calls about this).  But I’m more seeing us as moving beyond acknowledging that this is desirable now moving into the brass tacks about how to actually realise it. 


I guess there is third party (non-DAM) applications to consider also, but I’m not sure we’re going to be able to keep the scope tight enough for that to be useful as so much will depend on how the counterparty handles integration (if it even does).  For example., if you are an HR system vendor, you probably won’t care about being CMIS4DAM compliant as any DAM integration you do is going to be a fairly limited and specialist use-case (e.g. updating staff photos etc).  I suppose it’s more about rationalising where we draw the line between objectives and implementation to prevent the scope becoming excessively wide.


With all that said, If you can think of some possible examples, I am fully prepared to revise my opinion.







From: Chet Ensign [mailto:chet.ensign@oasis-open.org]
Sent: 02 July 2014 16:51
To: ralph@daydream.co.uk
Cc: dam-cmis-profile-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org; Ray Gauss II
Subject: Re: [dam-cmis-profile-discuss] Draft Technical Committee Charter: CMIS4DAM


This proposal is taking shape. I think you have the foundations for a solid activity here. 


The document is a good list. One thing I don't see in it though is any expectation that DAM systems will be able to integrate in plug & play ways with other DAM tools. It addresses the question of a DAM system as if it is a stand-alone, all-in-one tool. That is an area where these two efforts could link up and coordinate. 






On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Ralph Windsor <ralph@daydream.co.uk> wrote:

Another update to the  CMIS4DAM Draft TC is available here (mods in red):


This addresses some of the issues mentioned by Ray about the scenarios and this being too metadata-oriented.  At this point, I have not elaborated on DAM operations (like renditions) as it's a little too specific and getting agreement about all of them that are relevant might be a further source of delays, but we should do that for the more detailed work once the draft TC is approved.

DAM Foundation have proposed an outline of what constitutes a DAM solution here in this article about their proposed "10 Standards Badge":


This is a bit loose for a technical standard of the type we're trying to establish here - it's more useful for a DAM system buyer than a developer, but it seems like it could be worthwhile trying to link CMIS4DAM up with what they have done.  I've had some conversations with Elizabeth Keathley from DAM Foundation recently when she was in London last week at DAM EU and I will contact her again to see if there is some potential for relating these two exercises.

I gather we need to get a co-proposer to progress this for approval.  If anyone is interested, please myself (and the list) know.  Also any comments and further feedback on the current draft in terms of the higher level objectives.



-----Original Message-----
From: Ray Gauss II [mailto:ray.gauss@alfresco.com]
Sent: 09 May 2014 15:13
To: ralph@daydream.co.uk
Cc: dam-cmis-profile-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [dam-cmis-profile-discuss] Draft Technical Committee Charter: CMIS4DAM

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for keeping the ball rolling on this and starting the draft.

We may want to outline some of those high level use cases before solidifying the Statement of Purpose and Scope.  Those usage scenarios shouldn’t necessarily be tied to the potential standards used, but be as generic as possible and only describe the workflow, systems involved, and the type of interaction and data needed between those systems for that use case.  I hope to have some time to draft a few examples in the near future.

At the moment the Statement of Purpose and Scope sections seem primarily focused on metadata.  The definition of additional rendition kinds, and as we’ve discussed here, possibly even defining the means to request the creation of 'ad-hoc’ renditions, may end up as part of the standard.  Perhaps we could broaden those sections.

Rapid implementation should certainly be a goal of the community around the standard, but I’m not sure how much it should directly influence the standard itself, that's really up to the libraries/SDKs that work with it.  We may want to consider changing the language of the Scope section a bit to reflect that.

Is that the sort of feedback you were looking for?



On May 1, 2014 at 3:53:06 PM, Ralph Windsor (ralph@daydream.co.uk) wrote:
> After a bit of a pause, we have made some progress on a draft technical
> committee charter in regard to "CMIS4DAM" (which is the friendlier name that
> Carol Geyer of OASIS suggested we use for this standard).
> I have written a DAM News article about it and placed a link to the docs
> which you can download here (no registration required)
> http://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Draft-Propo
> sal-for-New-OASIS-Technical-Committee_r002.docx
> It would be useful to get some feedback on this from list participants.
> Once agreed, we will need to have this sponsored also by five people from at
> least two OASIS organisational members.
> Based on information kindly provided by Florian Mueller a few months ago, we
> are planning some basic examples also to explain how to access a CMIS
> repository and from that we will need to consider how to incorporate various
> DAM standards like IPTC, PLUS, PBCore etc so they can interoperate with
> CMIS. That is likely to be the point where we move away from the procedural
> discussion and into the more in-depth technical elements.
> Any questions, comments etc, please feel free to respond to myself and/or
> the list.
> Thanks,
> Ralph
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