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Subject: URGENT: OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC Kickoff Meeting Reminder - Agenda and Background Documentation Attached!!!

Hello All,


Let me formally welcome you to the invocation of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services Technical Committee, which is part of the OASIS DCML Member Section.  We've been working feverishly to transition into the organization, so while we may have been in a "dark period", we're about to refocus and intensify our efforts to creating a solid sub-specification.


Attached below is information on the first meeting, which will be held Monday, November 15, 11:00AM PST, 12:00PM, MST, 1:00PM CST, and 2:00PM EST.  The first meeting will be a teleconference, and we'll use it to get some housekeeping out of the way and plan our attack for subsequent work and meetings. We're looking forward to getting started.


Also, attached are previously developed DCML organization work products, which are being formally contributed to the OASIS DCML Member Section, including:


-        DCML Framework 0.11 Specification

-        DCML Top Level Use Cases

-        DCML Applications and Services Use Cases

-        DCML Applications and Services WG Meeting with Action Items - 06232004

-        DCML Founding Business and Technical Whitepapers

-        DCML Services Hierarchy


Please review as background documentation for our work.  We'll be primarily following governance of the Framework specification and the overarching use cases, so pay close attention to those for your consideration and comments...









OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC Meeting Information


When: Monday, November 15, 11:00AM PST (12:00PM MST, 1:00PM CST, 2:00PM EST)


Where: Teleconference. Conference info:



Toll Free:  1-888-560-3504

Toll:  1-719-457-0815

Passcode: 455761


Who: All members, prospective members and observers of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC


Agenda (Times are PST):


-        11:00AM Welcome and opening remarks

-        11:05AM Roll call

-        11:10AM Election of the chair

-        11:15AM Welcome from OASIS staff and review of OASIS process and IPR policy

-        11:30AM Assignment of responsibilities for

o        Editor

o        Secretary

o        Webmaster

o        Liaisons

-        11:40AM BRIEF Discussion of hierarchy and work product

o        Application characteristics and categorizations

o        Services characteristics and categorizations

-        11:50AM Discussion of meeting schedule and locations

-        12:00PM Adjourn


J. Darrel Thomas

Chief Technologist, Hosting

Electronic Data Systems Corporation

5400 Legacy Drive

Mail Stop H3-5A-34

Plano, Texas  75024

972-797-9695 (Office)

972-679-5943 (Cell)

Darrel.Thomas@EDS.Com (Email)


"Of all the things I've  lost, the one I miss the most is my mind..."


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DCML Contribution Documents.zip

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