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Subject: Datacenter Service Hierarchy



Following our discussions from last week I want to comment on the Datacenter Service Hierarchy presented.

This actually relates to the definitions of the terms we use.

The terms used in the proposed hierarchy are:

  • Industry
    • Business
      • IT Service
        • Resource -> ManagedElement


There are no suggested definitions for those terms (not any that I found in the DCML docs that is).


I looked for reference at the terms used in the ITIL for example:

Industry - isn’t defined

Business - isn’t an item by itself (a business unit is for example)

Service (referring to IT service)




Host is what we call a server, including the application running on it


I suggest we first define the following:

  • Everything one can manage can be a ManagedElement, not just the Resources. An IT service, one is sure to manage, for example can be a ManagedElement as well.
  • As suggested, a resource can be any combination of resources as well.
  • An IT service is easily defined. It could also be comprised of a combination of any IT services.
  • By a business I think we should refer to an IT service that serves a business purpose. The term that was used was Business Process Service, why not keep it?
  • Industry still needs better definition


Specific examples would get us going easily…

  • A server is a resource
  • A bunch of servers are yet another resource
  • A Storage device is a resource
  • An IT personnel is a resource
  • A web service is an IT service
  • A naming service is an IT service
  • Printing is an IT service
  • CRM is a business (I suggest we call it a business process service)
  • A call center is a business (I suggest we call it a business process service)


Some questions and suggestions

  • As the name of the TC goes – what is an application?
    • I think that by application we actually refer types of Services
  • How do we relate to the Networking TC?
    • Is Networking a Resource?
    • Is Networking a Service?
    • I suggest we let Networking be a combination of Resources and Services
  • How do we refer to the SW application part of the service?
    • We defined the web application by a group of resources but the web application doesn’t have to be part of the resources
    • How do we refer to the web application SW?
    • We can enlarge the server resource as the ITIL does to include the application it runs. This would mean that a service is comprised of physical resources, logical resources (i.e. application SW) and human resources
  • How do we differ between IT services and business process services?
    • I think we should allow both of them to be types of services
    • The only difference is the User/Customer perspective
    • This means that Business Process Services are just another type of services


The new proposed hierarchy looks like:

  • Industry (needs better definition)
    • Services – Business Process Services, IT services
      • Resource – Physical Resources, Logical Resources, Human Resources

Where all of the above can be ManagedElements.


Barak Perlman



Direct  +972 3 608 1604

Office   +972 3 607 4243

Fax      +972 3 607 4242

Cell      +972 545 245 604


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