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Subject: Liason ISACA and OASIS Conference call 1/18

I want to set up a conference call with OASIS and ISACA 1/18 12:00 EST/ 11:00 CT

Jane Sego sends me word:
"Robin, I think I at last have the schedules of those individuals from ISACA who should participate in a call with OASIS staff. We would involve, besides me: Tom Lamm, our director of research and standards, Ron Hale, our director of security initiatives, and Peggy Neuzil, our marketing manager. It appears that 18 January or 25 January (afternoons) might be our best opportunities. Will you see if that is acceptable to the appropriate OASIS staff members? Thank you  we look forward to learning more about the opportunity.
Jane Seago

Director, Corporate Communications and Relations
Direct phone:  918.749.5638
Direct fax:  918.749.5649

To those members not interested in the ISACA relationship, sorry for the post, but I am not sure who would NOT be included.

Kind Regards,

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