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Subject: RE: [dcml-appserv] DCML Apps & Svcs TC - Minutes Jan 31, 2005

Title: RE: [dcml-appserv] DCML Apps & Svcs TC - Minutes Jan 31, 2005

Hello All,

As Hal notes below, I've begun the discussions directly with the Apps/Services group, and believe that in order to be successful, we need to engage the OASIS board and Member Section Steering Committee to establish liaison relationships properly with the necessary organizations to achieve our ITIL-to-DCML initial vision, with further linkages up the stack as this relationship evolves.  To that end, Robin Basham, an excellent resource in the Apps/Services TC, has offered to help with the process through her contacts in ISACA, ITSMF, OGC, B15000, etc., as well as looking to work with the OASIS board through the Steering committee to setup the right relationships and so forth.  I also believe we need a clear mapping of how the relationships actual flesh out - where in the ITIL/other-to-DCML relationship does the interfaces, instrumentation, upper and lower layer mapping, and so forth happen?  This is a conversation with Framework (Tim) and the business process-to-operational process-to-technology/service interfaces we've been thinking of in the past, but now are looking to immediately effect.

One of the key points we discussed is to ensure that in approaching these contemporary organizations we do so in the spirit of the standards-based interface, and not as individual companies (which has been unsuccessful in past endeavors - from HP, for example, to these organizations), and ensure that we have the right linkages to realize the vision.  I'm counting on direct conversations that our Board and Steering Committee spearhead will prevent such a problem.  Also, we should do some research on the possibility of OTHER organizations attempting to drive the same vision.  I've yet to hear of such endeavors, more of loosely defined relationships, and I believe that we should move expeditiously to realize this vision.

The first step is a key meeting with the board, steering committee, and interested parties to map the strategy, then execute.  Would our next Steering Committee teleconference be the right forum, Board and MSC?


J. Darrel Thomas
Chief Technologist, Hosting
Electronic Data Systems Corporation
5400 Legacy Drive
Mail Stop H3-5A-34
Plano, Texas  75024
972-797-9695 (Office)
972-679-5943 (Cell)
Darrel.Thomas@EDS.Com (Email)

"Of all the things I've  lost, the one I miss the most is my mind..."

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-----Original Message-----
From: Hal Lockhart [mailto:hlockhar@bea.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 11:28 AM
To: dcml-appserv@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [dcml-appserv] DCML Apps & Svcs TC - Minutes Jan 31, 2005

Minutes from DCML Apps & Svcs TC Concall - Jan 31, 2005


Voting Members

Hal Lockhart, BEA Systems
Andre Kramer, Citrix Systems
Darrel Thomas, EDS
David Basham, Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc.
Robin Basham, Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc.

Prospective Member

Steven Dorfmeister, EDS

Quorum was acheived.


Role Call and Agenda Review

Accepted Minutes from Dec 6 & Jan 3 meetings

Darrel summarized the highlights of the most recent DCML Steering Committee Meeting
  The use of RDF/OWL has been questioned and alternatives are being considered.
  It has been determined that liaison with ITIL and other related standards organizations should
  be pursued. Darrel is responsible for coordinating this.
  Sarah Barbuscia take on additional responsibilities for the Steering Committee.
  Darrel will post the minutes.

Action Item - Darrel and Robin to develop strategy for liaison with other organizations in two categories: ITIL-related and other. To report 2/14.

There was considerable discussion around the proper approach to the liaison and incorporation of ITIL and other related work in DCML.

Action Item: Robin to schedule a call between OASIS and ITG - ISACA to discuss liaison. Darrel to participate.

Action Item: Darrel to contact no shows to determine reasons for not participating.



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