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Subject: Groups - DCML Application/Services TC modified

DCML Application/Services TC has been modified by Mrs Sarah Barbuscia

Date:  Monday, 28 March 2005
Time:  10:00am - 11:30am PT

Event Description:
Dial-in numbers:
   Toll Free:  1-888-560-3504
   Toll:  1-719-457-0815

  Participant: 455761


Voting Members

Hal Lockhart, BEA Systems
Fred Cummins, EDS
David Basham, Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc.

Prospective Member

Ajay Gummadi, Individual


Sarah Barbuscia, Global Inventures
The meeting failed to gain quorum possibly attributed to teleconference difficulties. By consensus, the group in attendance chose to continue to discuss action item status, updates from the Framework TC and the use case documents. The Framework TC is currently completing a high-level review of DCML & ITIL-CMDB and is looking at use cases that will illustrate this relationship. The Framework TC currently has a reference document currently in review explaining the role and interactions between DCML & ITIL-CMDB. http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dcml-frame/document.php?document_id=12003
The group is also addressing OWF/RDF by approaching a narrow target and implementing DCML using both options (OWL/UML). 

The Application/Services Use Case document is still in review with some questions arising from the ability to understand how DCML plans to integrate ITIL into some of the use cases. Each participant of the TC will go through the use case document for the purpose of completing a detailed review of the use cases during the next meeting

ACTION ITEM: ALL  Review use case document in preparation for detailed review April 11, 2005. 
As a reminder  the Application Services TC will be having a face-to-face session at the Oasis Symposium Wednesday April 27, 2005. To register for the event, please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium_2005/registration.php 

ACTION ITEM: Sarah to set up a ballot item to determine how many will be able to participate at the face-to-face session

10:53am adjourn. 

Review of the action items resulted in the following updates: 

Work with Member Section, OASIS Board, and Marketing TC (as well as other TCs) on the completion of the necessary relationships with ITSMF, COBIT, COSO, ISACA, and other associated IT Services Management bodies on our ITIL-mapping strategies, in order to be legally and inter-body approved in our strategies. We need a confirmation on this in order to proceed. Action Item is for J. Darrel Thomas and Sarah Barbuscia, Robin and David Basham.
Status: Currently in process

Review the ITIL CMDB/CI descriptions in order to familiarize ourselves with our starting target. David Basham will provide links to the group for this review. We will discuss at our next teleconference. 
Status: Still open  after clarification of the action item, David will be following up for closure. 

Upon corporate approval, Bill Rehm will provide a submission of the EDS reference architecture CMDB and example CIs for usage as starting points within the work. This may be leverageable from both the Apps/Services TC and Framework TC. Action Item is assigned to Bill Rehm. 
Status: Still pending

Provide Framework use-cases, Apps/Services Use Cases, and newly created ITIL/CMDB/CI Use cases to the team for review and for comment/update at our next meeting. Action Item is assigned to J. Darrel Thomas 
Status: Action Completed  review still outstanding

Upon OASIS verification, we will acquire the CIM element descriptions for review for insertion and usage within our Schema and Apps/Services model, focusing on reuse and element to process to service mapping that DCML is targeted at addressing. These submissions will be ferreted by J. Darrel Thomas, David Basham, and Bill Rehm. 
Status: Completed

The Runbook documents need to be mapped to the usage with ITIL and DCML. David will work with Robin to make the references, but Fred didn't have linkages to the documents that are a part of this area. I'm resending the links to the group for additional review at our next meeting.
Status: Action Completed  review still in process

To aid in the formalization work, documents on the RDF/OWL usage from the previous DCML organization would be beneficial. These documents were created in the DCML Organization prior to its merger with OASIS, but are available for review by the team, particularly aiding Fred and Andre's discussions on the Framework TC. J. Darrel Thomas has the Action Item. 
Status: Action Completed

This event is one in a list of recurring events.
Other event dates in this series:

Monday, 06 December 2004, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Monday, 20 December 2004, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Monday, 03 January 2005, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
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Monday, 31 January 2005, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Monday, 14 February 2005, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Monday, 28 February 2005, 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Monday, 14 March 2005, 10:00am to 11:30am PT

View event details:

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SUMMARY:DCML Application/Services TC
DESCRIPTION:Dial-in numbers:\n----------------\n   Toll Free:  1-888-560-3504\n  
  Toll:  1-719-457-0815\n\nPasscodes:\n----------\n  Participant:
  455761\n\nGroup: OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC\nCreator: Mrs
  Sarah Barbuscia

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