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Subject: Reminder: DCML TC teleconference 10/25/05 at 10:00am PDT

Hello All,
As a reminder and to prepare for the upcoming DCML TC teleconference, here is the meeting agenda. Please let me know if you would like to add any points of discussion:
1. DCML Deliverable Action Plan Strategy
Time:  10:00am - 11:00am PT

Event Description:
Dial-in:   (888) 772-1825
Passcode:  4087447509

Here are some quick thoughts on how we might run our strategy:


  1. Use the Interfaces Subgroup to immediately create standard interface data model, interface connectors and standard interfaces/reference implementations for relevant standards-based implementations (i.e., CIM, WSDM MOWS, to start; SOA interfaces for App/Service level in subsequent revs, as well as interfaces to App-based standards and development-to-operations interfaces, such as MDA, SDD, etc.).  In addition, create the interface connectors and standard interface algorithm for NON-standard or proprietary technologies and implementations in the wild – first examples would be to show how the interfaces for existing domain managers would pass their information thru the DCML interface structure.  The ones I can think of would include Opsware NAS, SAS, or SDM on the Apps-to-“operationalization”.  Showing this interoperability and released product in a timely fashion (let's say 90 days for an initial cut) would be great for us.

  2. Use the Process Mapping Subgroup to create a standard process mapping and reference model structure for the Configuration Management process itself, and its upper-level interfaces required to map to the Interfaces inputs/outputs to pass between the CfM process and the rest of the targeted ITIL Process Framework.  The key outputs here would be the standard interfaces and implementations of desired best practice implementations in a CMDB structure.  Reference implementations can be instantiated in the Opsware CMDB mapped in complementary relation to the BMC Atrium CMDB for a true enterprise meta-CMDB.

  3. Create a packet to get into the hands of the itSMF director on the strategies we're looking to create within DCML for process standardization, starting with the CMDB, to gain their support and liaison relationship at the OASIS board level.  Use the CMDB presentation, whitepaper, and the process mapping group to facilitate the work strategies.

  4. Speak to Tom Bishop, CTO of BMC, about an accelerated plan of attack to gain their help and support for our efforts.  I believe that they with Opsware can show a complementary effort in Enterprise CMDB work both at the standards level and in their respective product sets.


I copied the slide below to get a start on the mapping of the interfaces against standards and other efforts – don’t have the proprietary things mapped in, but we can do that with a little work in identifying those relevant and prevalent in the enterprise of our customer bases today…















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Chief Technologist, Hosting

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Plano, Texas  75024

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