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Subject: FW: Groups - oasis - Ballot "DCML: Process Subgroup Objectives" has closed

Hello All,


The results from the process subgroup ballot are in, and we've been approved by a 4-to-2 vote. I'd, however, like to clarify the objectives that Zulah and Fred put forth to look to obtain unanimity.  Here's the premise:


·         On Zulah’s point about defining processes and services, I'd agree, to the point that IDENTIFYING those processes (since CfM is such a process, we've identified it, and next need to identify thru industry concurrence of best practice the process mapping of CfM for the purposes of codifying the interfaces thru the Interfaces Subgroup) and services that should be codified by the Interfaces subgroup from the identified best practice mappings gathered by the Process Subgroup.  Fred actually made the point of including services, so the reference of processes and services as examples of things to be identified, mapped, and codified is the point here.

·         On Fred’s point, I believe my attempt at a clarification in the first point clears up the thoughts around process and service work.  Understanding the interfaces from the best practice mappings is EXACTLY what we want to do, rather than creating them with a narrow view from the Member Section.  The idea is to use our reach to industry organizations, members, analytics, and so forth to gather this information for the identification, mapping, and codification by the Interfaces Subgroup.  We're starting with the CfM process, so identifying this as initial scope in the subcharter should help scope the ambition to something immediately achievable…


This should help, I believe…





J. Darrel Thomas

Distinguished SE

Chief Technologist, Datacenter Services Portfolio

Electronic Data Systems Corporation

5400 Legacy Drive

Mail Stop H3-5A-34

Plano, Texas  75024

972-797-9695 (Office)

972-679-5943 (Cell)

Darrel.Thomas@EDS.Com (Email)


"Of all the things I've  lost, the one I miss the most is my mind..."


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From: workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org]
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 3:01 PM
To: Thomas, Darrel
Subject: Groups - oasis - Ballot "DCML: Process Subgroup Objectives" has closed


OASIS DCML Framework TC member,


A ballot presented to OASIS DCML Framework TC has closed.

The text of this closed ballot is as follows:


"DCML: Process Subgroup Objectives"

Please provide your approval for the following:


The Process subgroup is tasked with defining the standard processes, interdependencies, and requirements for the Interfaces/Implementation Subgroup to use to create DCML standard implementations and reference models.  This include the definition of inputs and outputs, best practice workflows and process flows, and inter-process dependencies from one targeted process framework to another.  The initial work of the Process Subgroup will center around the interactions and interdependencies of the Configuration Management Process, its workflows, and orchestration of domain-based management within the IT Services lifecycle.  The output of this work effort will be the specifications, requirements, process diagrams, and process flows used by the Interfaces group to codify the standard interfaces of the CfM Process and its interactions, inputs and outputs, as well as reference implementation of a multi-layered CfM process within a working model.


Future prospective processes to be defined and mapped include:


  The Processes of the ITIL Process Framework (Change, Release, Incident, Problem, etc.)


  Service-Oriented Processes


  Business Processes


Outputs from the mapping and modeling work by the Process subgroup will include:


-  Process diagrams and models outlining each process to be implemented by the Implementation/Interfaces subgroup


-  Use cases to accompany process models and diagrams, as well as prescriptive relevance to industry usage


-  Specifications on interrelationships for a process to other processes


-  Other interfaces and dependencies on non-process oriented artifacts, if any, to accompany process outputs


-  Detailed description and definition of process to be mapped/modeled


-  Detailed project plan with milestones and dates


-  User Guides and Documentation


- Yes

- No

- Abstain




Quick Summary of Voting Results:

 - Yes received 4 Votes

 - No received 2 Votes

 - Abstain received 0 Votes


 6 of 8 eligible voters cast their vote before the deadline.


Voting results for all closed ballots are available on the dcml-frame eVote Archive at:



Thank you,

OASIS Open Administration

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