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Subject: FW: BCM Specification

Hello All,

Here is a message from Carl, asking for voter support for the BCM
efforts, which operate at the Business layer of the ecosystem.  Carl,
how does the BCM work compare to that of BPEL, ebXML and the like?


J. Darrel Thomas
Distinguished SE
Chief Technologist, Datacenter Services Portfolio
Electronic Data Systems Corporation
5400 Legacy Drive
Mail Stop H3-5A-34
Plano, Texas  75024
972-797-9695 (Office)
972-679-5943 (Cell)
Darrel.Thomas@EDS.Com (Email)

"Of all the things I've  lost, the one I miss the most is my mind..."

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-----Original Message-----
From: Carl Mattocks [mailto:cmattocks@metlife.com] 
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 1:03 PM
To: Thomas, Darrel
Subject: BCM Specification


Could you please forward this gentle reminder to the whole TC (as a DCML
observer I do not have that privilege)

Hopefully you (or your formal representative)  have already voted for
BCM (Business Centric Methodology) Specification ..  if you only had
for a quick peruse ... please note that it is a complementary
that promotes the use of formal definitions at all layers of eBusiness

thanks for your support

Carl Mattocks
Consultant : ITIL  Application Knowledge Management
MetLife 732 893 4170

OASIS BCM co-chair

'Always look on the bright side of life' Monty Python

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