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Subject: [dcml-frame] Ontology and other DCML spec questions


The first 3 of my "big Questions", on reading the 1.3 spec, relate to the Ontology questions raised by Fred Cummins. The last 3 could be viewed as giving DCML tooling teeth (as also raised on the last call).


- The spec mentions OWL Full as the DCML ontology language dialect. While a processor could internally use OWL Full, this choice seems too general for an interchange format. What were the reasons for not restricting to a more tractable sub-set? Examples of when the full power of OWL is needed/useful would help. RDF (up to OWL Lite) would be more tractable and interoperable and amenable to automation?


- The ability of semantic Web technologies to effect translations to other concrete data representations and languages is mentioned in the spec several times but no examples are given. Would this be a way to address some of Fred's issues? We would provide both ontology for model definition and exchange and specify (automated) mappings to/from "object oriented" data models and schemas.


- In particular, the somewhat simplistic inclusion of CIM (as blobs of data) seems a lost opportunity. Could we (the standard) define an automated mapping (using RDF) to make CIM data available to DCML processors or allow DCML processors to manipulate the world using CIM/WBEM? (please see below)


- The rules section of the spec is currently AWOL. Seems to me that this may be some of the "teeth" that Fred identified as missing. Here "Policy" specification would be a desirable goal, rather than implementation level rules. If DCML had a policy/rule language specified, that manipulated both the data center model and (through the model) the real world, then its usefulness would be increased tremendously.


- Events seems critical to data center manipulation. Should we include a template section for event types, event routing / transform "deployment"?


- Deployed instrumentation and effectors could also be described and, like events, may need to be linked into DCML rules. Would "bindings" to WSDML, JMX or other management fabrics help, as this would put DCML directly in the data center control loop?





PS The OASIS Symposium is April 24-29, New Orleans http://www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium_2005/

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