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Subject: RE: [dcml-appserv] Groups - Action Item Closed: #0012 Review CMDB/CIInformation For I...

Thinking more about Monday's discussion (with the requirements I
previously submitted in mind), I believe we ultimately will require both
an "RDF" like mechanism to effectively model data center complexity
*and* a way to include and exchange diverse "legacy" (and XML encoded)

The "RDF" mechanism I have in mind is very much the existing framework
proposal (OWL lite + RDF) and the model inclusion / exchange mechanism
could be a new "XML" friendly addition to the framework which allows
models to be included in a <dcml:modelData id="" type=""
schemaLocation="">model data</dcml:modelData> element. Typically, XML
Schema would be used to describe such model data and the "id" is used to
link the resulting model up into the DCML "RDF" world. Alternatively,
some CIM like XML encoding of an instance hierarchy or even UML could be
inside the dcml:modelData element. 

DCML document generators could put more or less into RDF and into
modelData elememts and processors could convert documents, moving model
data across description boundaries. This provides a migration path.

I hope this suggestion can be the basis of a proposal that could be
worked on by DCML members with framework interests and included in the
1.3 document in order to move DCML forward.


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Sent: 10 May 2005 14:20
To: dcml-appserv@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [dcml-appserv] Groups - Action Item Closed: #0012 Review
CMDB/CIInformation For I...

OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC member,

Mr David Basham has closed this action item.

Number: #0012
Description: Review CMDB/CI Information For I...
Owner: Mr David Basham
Status: Closed
Due: 28 Mar 2005

Mr Jeffery Thomas  2005-03-14 22:32 GMT
David is researching the definitive links and documents to be used to
review existing ITSMF approved CMDB/CI documentation, to be used in our
understanding and mapping of DCML with ITIL.

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- OASIS Open Administration

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