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Subject: ACTION REQUESTED - Minutes and Updates: Joint DCML TC Meeting 4/24/05

Dear DCML TC participants-
I would like to thank all who were able to participate in yesterday's TC teleconference and encourage all of you to participate in our next joint session scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, 2005 at 9:00am. As a reminder, the joint TC participants received an action item to develop a use case that addresses DCML implementation in the business/upper management layer which we would like to review at the next meeting. For additional information about the use case discussion or if you would like to volunteer to own one of the specific use cases noted within the minutes, please let Darrel Thomas or Tim Howes know. 
If you have any edits or corrections to the minutes, please let me know.  
Minutes from the Joint DCML TC meeting 4/24/05


Andre Kramer, Citrix Systems

Bill Rehm, EDS

Darrel Thomas, EDS

Ajay Gummadi, Opsware

Tim Howes, Opsware

David Basham, Phoenix Business & Systems

Robin Basham, Phoenix Business & Systems


Minutes from Joint DCML Framework/Application-Services TC 5/24/05



1. What needs to happen to consolidate group efforts

2. Use Cases


1. Consolidated Efforts

A review of the current TC structure was completed at the New Orleans session and in the effort to simplify and eliminate confusion about elemental management vs. interrelationship and configuration management to process management; there was a proposal that the TCs be restructured. This would take the elemental approach of the TCs such as Framework, Application/Services, Server and Network and would replace them with a TC entitled configuration management.

Prior to New Orleans, the apps/services TC was completing work that was dependent on the DCML Framework with some efforts focused on mapping services and the rest of the effort on configuration use cases. The Framework TC was reviewing use cases as well and there was consensus that the activities to date would be complimentary towards the movement to the configuration management TC. A draft version of the consolidated charter is currently in review and will be submitted to the TC participants for comment.


2. Use Cases:

A discussion of the contributed use cases currently attached to the Framework Specification as well as additional use cases that are needed encompassed most of the discussion. Below is a summary of the discussion and actions resulting from this topic.


1.       Individual TC Use Case Development

a)       Application Services Use Cases

Had a set of use cases from submission into the TC from DCMLO

                                       i.      Virtual Server

                                     ii.      App/Server Configuration


b)       Framework

      Ajay had contributed a CMDB use case that was in review with the TC


2. Consolidated Use Case Development

a)       Configuration Management Use Cases

There are four aspects to configuration management that encompasses CMDB

1.      Retrieve inform CI

2.      Retain CI and relationship

3.      Maintain CI (Structure elements)

4.      Audit/Approval

    • These use cases should identify and include reference to existing processes that make use of CMDB.
    • It needs to be addressed how DCML discovers, maps, & audits as well as areas that would be provisioned, automated, & substantiated.


b)       Use Cases that exemplify DCML uses from both a technical and business context would include:

1.      Business elements

2.      Relationship

3.      SLA

4.      Applicable to other process

5.      Marshalling 

These use cases should focus on the order of operations and simple rules so as  not to invalidate business controls.


c)       Role of CIM versus Role of DCML

Use case that clearly shows the difference between DCML and CIM

            ACTION: David Basham volunteered to develop draft of DCML/CIM use case

ACTION: All to volunteer for use case ownership and development with the goal of having use cases that address the Business/upper layer for management at the next meeting.


Sarah Barbuscia
Account Manager,
Global Inventures, Inc. (www.inventures.com)
Accelerating Results Through Collaboration
2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375, San Ramon, CA 94583 USA
T: +1.925.275.6659 | F: +1.925.275.6691 |


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