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Subject: Conference details, first TC meeting, 15 November

     We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural meeting of the OASIS 
DCML Server Technical Committee, which is part of the OASIS DCML Member 
Section (and one of four related TCs being launched next week)
     The TC's organizational meeting will be held by teleconference on 
Monday, November 15 at 1:00 pm Pacific time.  (Details below.)  We will use 
it to get some housekeeping and organizational matters out of the way, and 
plan for subsequent work and meetings.

OASIS DCML Server TC Meeting Information

When: Monday, November 15, 1:00pm PST
Where: Teleconference
     Conference info:
Toll Free:  1-888-560-3504
Toll:  1-719-457-0815
Passcode: 402191
Who: All members, prospective members and observers of the OASIS DCML Server TC

Agenda (Times are PST):
   1:00  Welcome and opening remarks
   1:05  Roll call
   1:10  Election of the chair
   1:15  Welcome from OASIS staff and review of OASIS process and IPR policy
   1:30  Assignment of responsibilities for
     o    Editor
     o    Secretary
     o    Webmaster
     o    Liaisons
   1:40  Brief discussion of work plans
   1:50  Discussion of meeting schedule and locations
   2:00  Adjourn

Regards  JBC

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