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Subject: Re: [dipal-discuss] WS-Addressing and WS-Policy

Hi Paul,

Paul Downey wrote:
> something which may be of interest to you all is a
> new issue, raised by Microsoft, for the W3C WS-Addressing
> WG to replace its WSDL extensions with WS-Policy statements:
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ws-addressing/2005Dec/ 0004.html

Since DIPAL would be designed to work with WS-Policy or any other 
Boolean combination policy framework that may become standard, this 
proposal does not seem to conflict with DIPAL.  DIPAL would also work 
with the proposal to add "compositors" 
(http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2004Jan/053.html) to 
WSDL 2.0's "Features and Properties", as those are Boolean combinators. 
  A third option would be to use XACML's Boolean functions, as is done 
in the "XACML profile for web services" (WSPL) (http://www.oasisopen.
org/committees/download.php/3661/draft-xacml-wspl-04.pdf).  The 
development of such a framework is outside the proposed scope of DIPAL's 

WS-Policy must be submitted to a standards group before it can be 
considered by any other standard.  I personally think it would be great 
if the WS-Policy authors would offer to join with DIPAL to create a 
domain-independent standard for addressing both layers of policy 
expression.  Such a standard could still leave room for domain-specific 
Assertions in addition, either to address Assertions that have already 
gained acceptance or to address future Assertions that are more complex 
than DIPAL can handle.

Anne H. Anderson               Anne.Anderson@sun.com
Sun Microsystems Labs          1-781-442-0928
Burlington, MA USA

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