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Subject: RE: [dita-adoption-asia] Groups - Meeting Minutes - June 2011 (DITA-mom.txt) uploaded

Hi all,

Matt, Tony, and Nancy.
I thought Tony's article is really good for myself too.
I will bring this to one of the Dita Consortium Japan Working Group so that someone/some working group can volunteer to translate.
Translating important DITA related articles is one of the activities we do.

We are about to complete translating 2 books; DITA 101 and Practical DITA and will subsequently be published on July and August.
I also publish Tony's "DITA Style Guide" later this year among other DITA evangelist works.

We had a very successful DITA event, having Yokogawa and Hitachi (both are early DITA adapters) as guests.
Also, many companies are now considering adapting DITA.
And one more DITA adaption will kick off very shortly: I am going to be part of this for myself.
Currently SDL Trisoft is being a lead in DITA Adaption with JustSystems XMetaL.

I hope to join the meeting soon.
As I described, we are about to see some results in DITA adaption in Japan.
Under the surface, actually we see more actions going.
We have many LSP/TechPubs Service providers joined this year in DCJ.
We are now in the stage people want to know best practices and how early adapters are doing now.


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Subject: RE: [dita-adoption-asia] Groups - Meeting Minutes - June 2011 (DITA-mom.txt) uploaded

Hi all, 

I have an initial draft of the Chinese translation. I marked some texts in red because I need to do some revision on these sentences. Thanks.

Hi Tony,

I may misunderstand some sentences or phrases. So I added some questions in the English version. Could you please have a look of them? Thank you.

Best regards,

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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 4:04 PM
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Subject: [dita-adoption-asia] Groups - Meeting Minutes - June 2011 (DITA-mom.txt) uploaded

Minutes of the last meeting.

 -- Mathew Varghese

The document named Meeting Minutes - June 2011 (DITA-mom.txt) has been submitted by Mathew Varghese to the DITA Adoption Asia SC document repository.

Document Description:
Minutes of the monthly meeting.

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