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Subject: Re: [dita-users] Re: xref requirements

This is ridiculous!

There have been issues with spam content on dita.xml.org, and I  
imagine that is what's behind this. But it seems the filters are now  
too aggressive, perhaps?

Perhaps dita.xml.org should become partly moderated, like the dita  
users list is? Moderated membership, at least. You don't need to be a  
member of OASIS to post on any of the Focus Areas.

Something for the Focus Area SC to consider, anyway.

With many apologies to everyone affected.


> Had the same problem! Only a short test message came through. No admin
> came back to me even though I got invited to add some reason for not
> spam filter my comment. I did not find or receive a guide how to write
> "accaptable" comments on dita.xml.org - frustrating!
> Support is welcome ...
> -ghkrause
> --- In dita-users@yahoogroups.com, "Deborah Pickett"
> <debbiep-list-ditausers@...> wrote:
>>>> http://dita.xml.org/forum/requirements-thread-xref
>> Forget it . . . In two attempts I've had two long, carefully worded,
>> messages eaten by dita.xml.org's spam filter.  I can't afford to  
>> waste
>> that kind of time when I can't even be sure that my comments are  
>> going
>> to be seen.
>> I will happily continue the discussion here on dita-users, but
>> dita.xml.org can go filter itself into oblivion.

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