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Subject: Re: [dita-adoption-fasc] Huge thanks to Kris

Absolutely. Kris has been the single most important individual in getting
the DITA 1.2 specification published and accepted by the OASIS community.

On 11/26/10 11:35 AM, "Doug Morrison" <dmorrison@dita4all.com> wrote:

> As my first act as Chair of the DITA Adoption Focus Area SC I would like to
> propose a vote of thanks to Kris for the huge amount of work she has
> undertaken to promote DITA. Recently, quite rightly, she has prioritised on
> the DITA 1.2 process and has done a monumental amount of work in that area.
> Prior to that the work done in this committee has laid a solid base that will
> be of great use as we move forward.
> I know the rest of the committee will wish to join me in warmly thanking her
> for her valiant efforts.
> Kind regards, Doug

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