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dita-adoption-fasc message

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Subject: Update on progress on dita.xml.org

Dear colleagues,

Thanks largely to Carol we have some progress to report:

1. The forum has been removed (after giving good advance notice of our 
2. It has been replaced by a link to the Yahoo DITA Users Group (after 
obtaining permission form the owner, as a courtesy)
3. The 'DITA on its way out' blog has been removed (after obtaining 
permission form the owner, who was very understanding)
4. A spammer has been blocked

Please can you tell me (or Carol) your dita.xml user names so that Carol 
can give you the power to remove spam and block spammers.

Everyone deserves a well earned rest so that we can come back refreshed 
in the New Year to tackle other areas.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Kind regards,

Doug Morrison
Information Architect
Chair OASIS DITA Adoption Focus Area SC

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