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Subject: DITA.xml.org: User story for a consultant wanting a listing for services on DITA.xml.org

  1. Kris creates a user account on DITA.xml.org; she indicates that she wants to provide a services listing.
  2. Kris creates a services topic, based on guidelines from DITA.xml.org. She selects one or more type of services, thus indicating what her company does. The topic goes into a "holding area" and is not made publicly available until it has been approved by the curation team.
  3. The curation team checks the content of the topic:
    • Does it seem appropriate?
    • Does the page list a business-appropriate URL?
  4. The curation teal checks that it is assigned to the correct category of services (the following is an early strawman list):
    • Information architecture and content strategy
    • Document-type shells, constraints, and specialization
    • Integration of products
    • Product extensions (DITA-OT transformations, FrameMaker extensions, etc.)
    • Conversion
    • PDF style sheets
    • Training
  5. The curation team publishes the topic and so makes it visible on the site.
  6. At a certain interval (6 months? 12 months?) all service listings are reviewed to ensure that the company still exists, the information seems on-target, etc.

What is appropriate for a services page

  • The company should specialize in DITA services. DITA services do not need to be only thing that a company does, but it needs to be a significant component. A useful criteria might be that the company's home page lists DITA.

What is not appropriate for a services page

  • A company that offers a single XML class within a plethora of software-based classes
  • A company that does not offer services specific to DITA; you search the Web site for DITA and there are no hits.
  • Companies that only offer services that are specific to their products; these should just be product pages. For example, JustSystems should not be listed as a services provider if the only services that they offer are specific to XMetaL.
  • A company that does not have a professional URL.

Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

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