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dita-adoption-fasc message

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Subject: dita-xml-org Meeting Notes Jan 4 2016

dita.xml.org Meeting Minutes for January 4, 2016

- Kris Eberlein
- Keith Schengili-Roberts
- Don Day
Absent: Mark Poston

A relatively short meeting, with everyone commenting that they needed more caffeine after returning from the holidays. 

Don mentioned that the URL listed for the meeting did not work for him. He requested that this be updated. 

Keith talked about the comments from members of the parent DITA Adoption Committee, who offered additional critiques of 
the sub-committee's charter. Keith to update this and circulate new version to the members of this SC to look over and 
comment upon.

After a brief discussion on taxonomy tools it was decided to go with MindMeister for producing a taxonomy for the 
dita.xml.org website. Keith to send out an updated invitation to the members of the SC to work on this collaboratively. 
Plan is to come up with a preliminary version as a basis for discussion for the next meeting. Depending on how far along 
the process goes, Don to draft top-level navigation links based on what emerges from the taxonomy.

Kris talked about governance issues, and suggested that Mark be invited to talk about what is and what is not possible 
in terms of permission levels and administrative functions with Mekon DITAWeb.

Action items:
- create initial MindMeister mindmap and send invitations to other members of SC
- set up collaborative MindMeister project for devising taxonomy
- re-draft DITA Adoption Focus Area SC Charter
- Archive Mark's presentation to Kavi

- collaborate on draft taxonomy 
- depending on how far along taxonomy gets, draft top-level navigation items for discussion

- collaborate on draft taxonomy

- talk about governance of DITAWeb at a future meeting

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