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Subject: dita.xml.org Meeting Notes - January 11, 2016

dita.xml.org Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2016

- Keith Schengili-Roberts
- Don Day
- Mark Poston
Regrets: Kris Eberlein

Meeting started with an initial discussion of the work that Don had done using Checklist to come up with a 
rough hierarchy based on the existing structure of the dita.xml.org website. It also supports an XML export
file format that Don find useful (OPML) as he can easily transform it to DITA.

Also had the opportunity to show Mark the MindMeister web application for creating hierarchies. Mark liked
what he saw. Don, Keith and Mark then collaboratively added taxonomy elements in real-time. Mark agreed to 
use MindMiester over the course of the next week to help pull a draft taxonomy together for discussion at 
the next meeting.

=Gathering Content for the Website=
Mark talked about existing content that can be ported to the draft dita.xml.org website. This includes Tony
Self's "DITA Style Guide" material, along with existing articles from the old website that can be ported 
over without the need for extensive updates (this ought to include all recent DITA Adoption articles). Goal 
is to only have content that is relevant on the website for initial launch. 

Mark also suggested that Keith and Don to ask others if their existing DITA content can be added to the 
website. Mark mentioned that Eliot Kimber had previously offered a sample chapter from his book. Keith to 
ask colleague Leigh White if she might give permission for a sample chapter or two from her book to be 
posted to the revamped dita.xml.org website. 

When asked whether articles external to dita.xml.org could also be indexed, as many DITA bloggers may not 
want to donate content directly, but would not mind having links that head back to their respective 
websites. Mark said that he would look in to this, but thought it ought to be possible.

Mark expressed that he would like to have a beta version of the website up and running by the next DITA 
North America conference in early April. Keith and Don agreed that while this is ambitious, it ought to be 

Keith asked Mark about what levels of governance currently exist within DITAWeb. At the moment there are 
three levels: 

- Administrator (able to look after major features of DITAWeb)
- Moderator level (able to tweak subject scheme, moderate posts, etc.)
- Registered users level (equivalent to "contributor" level)

Mark mentioned that sibling and child roles/levels can also be added. For example, he mentioned that 
it is possible to create other types of groups. For example, a vendor could be given permission to 
create a group allowing them to post information (such a press releases, product updates and other news) 
which belongs to that group. 

When asked about providing access to the draft website, Mark said that he needs a couple of weeks to set 
things up and send out account access information to the others in the SC. 

=Action items=
- continue to work on/add nodes to the draft dita.xml.org website in MindMeister
- review draft charter for SC to be finalized for at meeting

- collaborate/comment on draft taxonomy 
- to ask Leigh White if sample chapter or two from her book could be used
- ping Stan Doherty about DITA Adoption case studies 

- collaborate/comment on draft taxonomy 
- review draft charter for SC to be finalized at next meeting

- collaborate/comment on draft taxonomy 
- review draft charter for SC to be finalized at next meeting

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