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Subject: Meeting Minutes for Feb 29th 2016

Minutes for February 29, 2016 DITA Adoption FASC Meeting

Present: Don Day, Keith Schengili-Roberts, Mark Poston
Absent: Kris Eberlein

Mark reported on work on draft dita.xml.org website:
- draft navigation hierarchy consists of the following top-level items: News, Events, Contributors, Products, Glossary, Library
 - Glossary would take subject scheme used for organizing content on the website and include short descriptions for each
 - Library would largely be a repository for map-based DITA content
 - taxonomy will help inform further breakdown of categories
 - current navigation labels are not fixed in stone
- when navigating website, content is pre-filtered based on where you are in the navigation hierarchy (this is built-in DITAWeb functionality)

=Role-based UI=
- Mark walked us through an aspect of the UI relating to the role of the user visiting the website
 - "Create" and "Moderate" are two functions that will appear based on role
 - "Collections" is an additional UI feature that allows users to gather together content to refer to later

- Don wanted to know how scalable the solution is. Mark replied that the backend is based on PostgreSQL, and search is based on Apache Solr; Mark said that "hundreds of thousands of topics should not be a problem" in the existing system, and that it is fast as well as highly scalable

=Subject Scheme Development=
- Don was able to export existing MindMap to a draft Subject Scheme, which he then emailed to Keith and Mark
 - Mark will incorporate this draft into future work on the website

=Next Steps=
- goal: have draft version of website to show at DITA North America conference in early April
- need to get content--preferably map-based DITA content--from old website
- Mark: "it's just a matter of getting content now really"
 - need to identify map-based content from old website that we can get into the new system
 - Mark asked in particular for vetted content (i.e. still current) from the existing Knowledge section on the existing website
 - also would also like to get content from Michael Priestley  (such as DITA maturity model), ditto info from other people, such as Eliot Kimber, Tony Self, Leigh White, etc.
 - plan is to use a dropbox for adding content to port over from old to new website
- determining governance policies will likely have to wait until after DITA North America conference

=Action Items=
- start obtaining map-based content from existing website, and start converting vetted content from existing website to DITA topics
- add short descriptions to major nodes in existing MindMap; these will be basis for the Glossary on the website

Keith Schengili-Roberts
DITA Information Architect / DITA Specialist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942
cell + 1 647-472-7367 

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