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Subject: Minutes for March 7, 2016 DITA Adoption FASC Meeting

Present: Don Day, Keith Schengili-Roberts, Mark Poston, Richard Simms
Absent: Kris Eberlein

=New Meeting Time and Conferencing Software=
- Mark introduced his colleague Richard Simms from Mekon, who will be actively working on this project
- In order to accommodate Richard, who works lives in British Columbia (on Pacific Time) it was decided to move subsequent meetings to a later time to accommodate his
 - new time for meetings will be: 7:30am Pacific, 9:30am Central, 10:30am Eastern and 3:30am
 - meeting times will be set to 60 minutes, but Don and Keith may need to duck out at the half-hour in order to attend the fortnightly OASIS Lightweight DITA meetings

- Kris has been unable to attend several of the recent meetings, and the WebEx connection she had supplied for these meetings has expired
 - Mark offered to setup a new GoToMeeting for the meetings on an ongoing basis (details to be posted to the FASC page on OASIS)

- Mark will take the existing taxonomy as it exists in Mind Meister and will convert it over to DITA's Subject Scheme format
 - it was agreed that the existing taxonomy is sufficient for current needs, and that subsequent work will be done using DITA subject scheme
 - Mark mentioned that the taxonomic structure material can also be used for the glossary function on the new website, this is where getting community involvement would be good to help flesh these terms out

=Porting Content from the Existing Website=
- Keith pointed out the list of reviewed articles on the existing website at: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/dita.xml.org_content_review
 - work now needs to focus on converting and updating existing content for use on the new website
 - ideally content should also be in DITA format

- Don demonstrated a couple of online tools which can be used to facilitate converting existing content to DITA:
 - http://jotsom.com/ - capable of converting single topics
 - http://any2dita.com - capable of creating several topics + map, and users will need to format existing content to some extent (adding headers, for example) to ensure a clean transform
  - generic DITA topic format is okay, as is any more specialized topic type (i.e. the "core" DITA topic types)

- will ask for volunteers at next DITA Adoption meeting to help update/convert existing material for use on new website

=Action Items=
- pass along Dropbox info to Keith for content to be added to draft website
- convert Mind Map taxonomy to DITA subject scheme and will begin incorporating it

- will send Mark (via Dropbox) the DITA maturity model content

- update meeting info on OASIS FASC wiki page
- will come up with list of articles on old website and will put into a GoogleDoc spreadsheet to track progress
- ask at next DITA Adoption meeting for volunteers to update and convert content for use on new website

- begin converting existing content, keeping track of what has been worked on in online spreadsheet, and placing content into Dropbox

Keith Schengili-Roberts
DITA Information Architect / DITA Specialist
825 Querbes, Suite 200, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 3X1
tel  + 1 514 279-4942  /  toll free + 1 877 279-4942
cell + 1 647-472-7367 

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