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dita-adoption-help message

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Subject: The DHTG has been added to the DAHSC area of the SVN repository...

Hi All...

The reorganized and renamed DITA Help Technologies Guide files have been 
added to the dita-adoption SVN repository ..


The reorganization is based on what we discussed at earlier DHSC 
meetings, and  before adding to SVN I renamed the files to remove 
redundancy, and did a bit of normalization and lowercasing. I've updated 
the map and any references so it all seems to resolve. There are still 
content holes that need to be filled in and topics that should be moved 
to other places both in and possibly out of the DHTG.

I'll write up a list of what I think are the next steps needed to get 
this in reasonable order, but hopefully the new structure will be easier 
to maintain going forward.



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