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dita-adoption-help message

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Subject: Updated DHTG files...

Hi All...

OK .. I think this is ready for people to start working on their topics 
once again. I've committed all of the files to SVN and have updated the 
DHTG Topics Wiki page ..


All topics are represented in this list, and I've tentatively assigned 
names based on previous authorship or other sensible (?) means. Please 
take a look and remove the "(?)" from your name if you're OK with being 
the owner of a topic. Also feel free to sign up for other topics of 

I've also generated a WebHelp of the current set of files. For the lack 
of a better place to put it, it's on my website. I assume there's a more 
official place to upload to (other than SVN?) for a development snapshot 
of this output .. if so, please point me at it. For now, you can review 
the current state of the DHTG here ..


Talk to y'all tomorrow!


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