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Subject: Volunteers Needed for Help Technologies Guide Topics

Greetings colleagues

Scott Prentice has been very busy working on the framework of the revised
DITA Help Technologies Guide, and now has a great structure and document
skeleton. Many topics have already been written (for the previous version),
but there are a number of new topics that we have to create. 

There is a topic sign-up page at:

This page lists the existing and new topics, and the name of the person
responsible for each existing topic. We now need volunteers to take
responsibility for those new topics listed as "OPEN". Could you please take
the time to look through the list, and see what topics you might be
comfortable in taking on? When you do so, just edit the Wiki to add your
name to the appropriate cell.

If you are already listed as responsible for an existing topic, but have a
question mark against your name, can you please remove the question mark if
you are happy to review and update the existing topic?

Hope this all makes sense!


Tony Self

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