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Subject: Fwd: [dita-adoption] FYI: Ongoing DITA TC Review of "DITA is toocomplex" Feedback

Hi all --

I captured some of our discussion from last evening about DITA complexity and posted it to the DITA TC wiki page on"DITA Perceptions."


[Stan Doherty, April 19 2011] -- At a DITA Adoption Help Subcommittee meeting (April 18), we discussed two substantive issues that we have heard from clients/colleagues in the past month:

   1. Feature usage/demographics: If 80% of DITA users actually deploy roughly 20% of the total DITA feature set (DITA-Lite), then 80% of what we talk about in our DITA 1.2 spec is either not relevant or not accessible to these folks. If the DITA TC and/or Adoption TC could profile and document which features are most often used by DITA-Lite people and which features needs to be there for enterprise implementers. This is basically a "reading guide" of some sort, not a formal subset DTD.

   2. Sample files: There is no library of ready-to-test DITA documents that clearly demonstrates DITA 1.0, DITA 1.1, and DITA 1.2 features. The code snippets in the spec are useful, but both tools vendors and basic DITA users would like to test live, certified-by-OASIS sample documents. Some people can work from the code samples in the spec to develop working documents and samples, many cannot.

We reviewed the ideas in the DITA TC this morning and I picked up the action item to give the DITA Adoption TC a heads-up about the wiki page and the general discussion that we have been having.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [dita-adoption] FYI: Ongoing DITA TC Review of "DITA is too complex" Feedback
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 12:26:53 -0400
From: Stan Doherty <stan@modularwriting.com>
Reply-To: stan@modularwriting.com
Organization: OASIS DITA TC
To: dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org

Hi all --

For the past several months, the DITA TC has been collecting direct and 
indirect feedback from DITA users regarding the overall complexity of 
DITA. For sure, the folks sharing this feedback with us mean different 
things when they say. "DITA is too complex." We focus on this topic in 
the Adoption Help Subcommittee frequently as well.

We have been capturing this feedback, digesting it, and brainstorming 
about possible responses and/or solutions on the following wiki page:


We suspect that some percentage of the possible solutions that we have 
been discussing are more appropriately handled by the Adoption TC.

Before we went much farther with this one, we wanted to be certain that 
the Adoption TC was aware of the discussion and was able to look at what 
we have collected to date. It's pretty interesting stuff, actually.

Stan Doherty

Stanley Doherty
Member, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Secretary, OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee

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