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Subject: RE: [dita-adoption] Fwd: DITA: It's Just XML

I think this post substantiates my point regarding DITA specialization for the SWOT analysis.  As you may know, Eliot is one of the handful SGML experts and originators of SGML Architecture Forms.  As such, it should come as no surprise that he is excited about the realization of his original design in DITA specialization.  Here is a quote from the Cover Pages: DITA (http://xml.coverpages.org/dita.html#relatedArchForms):

From the section 'Architectural context' in Michael Priestley's "Specializing Information Types" article: "In SGML, architectural forms are a classic way to provide mappings from one document type to another. Specialization is an architectural-forms-like solution to a more constrained problem: providing mappings from a more specific topic type to a more general topic type. Because the specific topic type is developed with the general topic type in mind, specialization can ignore many of the thornier problems that architectural forms address. This constrained domain makes specialization processes relatively easy to implement and maintain. Specialization also provides support for multi-level or hierarchical specializations, which allow more general topic types to serve as the common denominator for different specialized types..."

Scott Tsao 曹壽國
Information Architect - Associate Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company

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Subject: [dita-adoption] Fwd: DITA: It's Just XML

This is also very relevant to the SWOT Analysis.


> Date: 3 November 2008 15:46:01 GMT
> Subject: DITA: It's Just XML
> Source: DITA XML.org - Online community for the Darwin Information
> Typing Architecture OASIS Standard
> Author: drmacro
> Over on the Really Strategies blog I've posted about the fact that
> DITA, while it has lots  of cool features that get a lot of us very
> excited, DITA can also be applied to the simplest applications.
> Because DITA, by dint of its unique features as a standard XML
> architecture, has the lowest possible cost of both initial
> implementation and long-term ownership, this makes DITA a compelling 
> business choice simply because it saves money and time relative to
> almost any other alternative you might choose.



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