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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Groups - DITA Adoption Committee Meeting modified

Added meeting minutes

 -- Rodolfo Raya

DITA Adoption Committee Meeting has been modified by Rodolfo Raya

Date:  Monday, 03 November 2008
Time:  08:00am - 09:00am PT

Event Description:
See email notice.


Present: David Hollis, Gershon Joseph, JoAnn Hackos, Frank Miller, Don Day, Steve Studer, Mathew Varghese, Rodolfo Raya, Robin Sloan, Chip Gettinger and Scott Tsao.

Regrets:  Kristen Eberlein,  Briana Wherry.

 JoAnn moved to accept the updated version of previous minutes, David seconded and none opposed.
 Don Day summarized current status on DITA 1.2 
 JoAnn added a link to the slides of the DITA-XLIFF webinar in the TC home page.
 JoAnn invited everyone to sign up for reviewing DITA 1.2 specifications.  There are still elements in need of a reviewer. Gershon will look at Metadata and Prolog stuff. Chip will work on Miscellaneous.
 David commented on the new pages with specific topics for different audiences added to the SWOT analysis, starting with Business point of view. Suggestions for improvement were provided.  David will update the content accordingly.
  Discussions on previously listed strengths and weaknesses topics continued, with multiple examples of problems that need to be addressed.
 SWOT analysis for document  authors was discussed too, with additional suggestions to update the wiki page.
 JoAnn reminded about the need to provide use cases. 

Call dismissed.

This event is one in a list of recurring events.
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SUMMARY:DITA Adoption Committee Meeting
DESCRIPTION:See email notice.\n\nGroup: OASIS DITA Adoption TC\nCreator: Dr. JoAnn

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