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Subject: RE: [dita-adoption] MultiLingual - March 2009 (Page: 66)

I believe Ultan is an OASIS member. At Oracle he's involved with localizations and deeply knowledgeable about these issues.
I'm not certain that his view is so much negative as devil's advocate, challenging people's assumptions. I could easily take a similar position, having seen a number of XML conversions that are little more than a repositing of poor past practices with bloated content and convoluted organization.
In short, it's easy to do bad things in DITA. :-)
I also think the questions that he raises at the end of the article are the exact questions that any implementation should answer.
Given the context of the publication, there is probably a segment of the audience that is up on DITA and XML, but not necessarily informed of the real issues to resolve.
There, I'm officially done defending my coworker. Let's have at him. ;-)
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Subject: [dita-adoption] MultiLingual - March 2009 (Page: 66)

Please look at this page of MultiLingual - March 2009


This is the article I mentioned in today's meeting.

Click the thumbnail or here to go to the issue.
Paste this link into a browser: http://multilingual.texterity.com/multilingual/200903/?pg=68&pm=2&u1=friend&sub_id=C3Zd0jRjwfvWk

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