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Subject: Re: [dita-adoption] Interesting email chain on the STC single SourceSIG

Hi JoAnn...

I think that it's unfortunate that the discussion of tools in official 
Oasis documents is not allowed. DITA (and most any XML standard), can't 
exist without tools (specifically authoring tools, but also publishing 
tools), and to be unable to discuss how DITA interacts with specific 
tools just complicates issues that real users are trying to grasp. It 
seems like there should be some way to discuss these interactions in a 
way that doesn't conflict with the goals of Oasis. When this discussion 
is presented by tool vendors it may be seen as being biased, but if it 
could be done by a group that attempts to be unbiased, it would be much 
more beneficial to end users.



JoAnn Hackos wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> The mission of the Adoption TC is to promote DITA adoption, including
> the OT usability issues. Our discussion today focused on the issues of
> the OT that has been in the email exchange. If people cannot understand
> the OT and are misled by the instructions for its use, then they stop
> there. We discussed the practicality of informing people that there are
> tools available. We don't want to get into the same trouble that the
> Help SC did by discussing tools in an official OASIS document, but we
> believe there would be other ways to publish the information that people
> would find valuable.
> Thanks for your input,
> JoAnn
> JoAnn Hackos PhD
> President
> Comtech Services, Inc.
> joann.hackos@comtech-serv.com
> Skype joannhackos

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