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Subject: Re: [dita-adoption] Interesting email chain on the STC single SourceSIG

Exactly. The discussion of appropriate tools for a given scenario and 
workflow is central to the adoption of DITA. if the "adoption" committee 
can't provide information of this type, who can?


Sowmya Kannan wrote:
> Agreed. When considering documentation approaches, the OT is what 
> makes DITA attractive - publish to multiple output formats etc.
> The need for a well documented, flexible OT becomes even more crucial 
> in a situation where organizations have Docbook publishing systems in 
> place. The question that we hear from senior management is we already 
> have a tools chain in place, what new tools do we need to develop to 
> support DITA, and what is the LOE?
> So there are multiple bridges to be crossed on the way to DITA Adoption.
> Sowmya

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