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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Regrets for future Adoption TC meetings, resigning from FASC

Hi everyone,

I won't be able to attend Adoption TC meetings for at least the next few
months, as I need to focus on other projects. I will remain a Member,
but not a Voting Member. I have also removed myself from the
dita.xml.org Focus Area Subcommittee roster. 

I have enjoyed our conversations and have learned a lot from you all so
far. However I think that at this time, I can best serve this community
by focusing more on my company's R&D work, writing articles, and
participating in the DITA TC. It's an exciting time to be part of the
DITA community. 

Best regards,

Su-Laine Yeo
Interaction Design Specialist 
JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Office: 778-327-6356 

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