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Subject: Re: [dita-adoption] Groups - Keyref Feature Overview Draft ver 4 (KeyrefFeatureOverview.zip) uploaded

Hi, All

It looks unlikely that I'll be able to make the call today so, if I  
don't, please accept my apologies.

I'd just like to clarify something, mainly for my own benefit,  
although we've had a lot of discussions recently concerning the Toolkit.

This article, however, is more to do with explaining the features in  
the DITA 1.2 Architecture. Whether or not the Toolkit is yet able to  
demonstrate these features is not relevant.

Is this correct?

Many thanks,

> Hello All,
> We'd like to vote to approve this Feature review at Wednesday's  
> meeting.
> Please review it ahead of time if you haven't done so already.
> Best regards,
> JoAnn
> On 5/25/09 5:40 AM, "Sowmya.Kannan@Sun.COM" <Sowmya.Kannan@Sun.COM>  
> wrote:
>> The document revision named Keyref Feature Overview Draft ver
>> 4
> (KeyrefFeatureOverview.zip) has been submitted by Sowmya Kannan to the
>> DITA Adoption TC document repository.  This document is revision #3
> of
>> KeyrefFeatureOverview.zip.
> Document Description:
> Provides an overview of the
>> keyref feature using examples.
>> Zip file contains DITA Source for overview document, all examples and
>> xhtml
> output
>> Incorporated all comments received on earlier versions (1, 2)

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