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Subject: OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - October 26, 2009

OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee Meeting Minutes

26 October 2009 — 9 am Pacific Daylight Time

Quorum present

1. Regrets - Gershon Joseph, Troy Klukewich

2. Joann Hackos moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, Briana Wherry seconded and none opposed.

3. Next Meeting – Confirmed as November 9, 2009

4. Open Actions

Actions 1 - 7 on hold

Action 8 - Now Complete - Joann revised the format of three of published feature descriptions to Oasis format - Glossary, Ref Range of Elements, Keyref and have been listed on the home page per Paul Grosso’s request for more accessibility to approved documents of this TC

New Action: Joann would like to clean up and rearrange the Home page and will check with Rudolfo to see if we have to go through Mary to do this.

New Action: Joann is revising the format of the Keyref article to the OASIS Standard and will have Sowmya verify the content of her article afterwards.

Note that all published documents can also be accessed from the Document Tab on the Home Page, under the Best Practices section

Action 9 - Now complete

Action 10 - In progress

Action 11 - In progress- still determining the review schedule - Kris will add to the TC wiki after the renewed discussion on the 1.2 features is complete..

12 - In progress

New Action - Kris to move documents that are approved to Best Practices from White Papers

Decision to use the Best Practices section for all our Approved Documents


Action 1. Spec review on hold - revisiting a number of items on the spec (DTD). Looks like the review will be pushed out two to three weeks.

New Action - Joann will suggest to the TC that all 1.3 DITA proposals  are brought to the DITA Adoption committee to review against usability.

Action 2. Conref - Kris added scenarios where conref push would be useful.

Kristen proposes that we approve it today. Noted that there is new terminology identified to use with Conref push. It is defined in the terminology - “referencing element” and “referenced element” - agreed by TC

Moved by Kristen - Frank Miller Seconded - no objections - Approved.

New Action - Kristen to post this article to Best Practices - .doc and pdf version.

Action 3.  Please review this document one final time for next meeting - we will vote then

New Action - Sowmya will run the sample code to verify.

Action 4.  On HOLD - need decision on what is going to be done with General Task and the Task Model.

There is the issue of conrefs  - today, if you use general task and strict task together, the conref may not work. The same would be true if another group in your organization created a constraint of general task, and you conref it. In theory’ that should be rejected as invalid, either by the editor checking against the DTD or the Open Toolkit when it processes. Need to warn people about adopting more than one task model in an organization.

What to do about this incompatibility issues - current suggestion by the TC - to create what a “weak constraint” Recommend you follow it, but if you don’t follow it, it will not blow up your processing. General consensus on the Adoption TC is that this is not a good idea.


Discussion about volunteers to write more Dita 1.2 articles

Marc Speyer volunteered to write a feature description on domains and structure.


No other business

Meeting was dismissed.






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