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Subject: RE: [dita-adoption] OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - October 26, 2009

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Briana Wherry [mailto:briana.wherry@alfresco.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, 2009 October 27 2:58
> To: dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [dita-adoption] OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee
> Meeting Minutes - October 26, 2009
> OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee Meeting Minutes
> 26 October 2009 - 9 am Pacific Daylight Time
> Quorum present
> 1. Regrets - Gershon Joseph, Troy Klukewich

fwiw, I had also sent regrets.

> Action 8 - Now Complete - Joann revised the format of three of
> published feature descriptions to Oasis format - Glossary, Ref Range of
> Elements, Keyref and have been listed on the home page per Paul
> Grosso's request for more accessibility to approved documents of this
> TC

This is good.

> New Action: Joann would like to clean up and rearrange the Home page
> and will check with Rudolfo to see if we have to go through Mary to do
> this.
> New Action: Joann is revising the format of the Keyref article to the
> OASIS Standard and will have Sowmya verify the content of her article
> afterwards.
> Note that all published documents can also be accessed from the
> Document Tab on the Home Page, under the Best Practices section

I don't follow.  What home page?  What document tab?

I assume the DITA Adoption TC's home page is
but I don't see any tabs.  I do see a list of links including one 
for "Documents", and if I click on that, I go to
where I don't see any mention of Best Practices.

So just what are we talking about here?

> Action 9 - Now complete
> Action 10 - In progress
> Action 11 - In progress- still determining the review schedule - Kris
> will add to the TC wiki after the renewed discussion on the 1.2
> features is complete..
> 12 - In progress
> New Action - Kris to move documents that are approved to Best Practices
> from White Papers
> Decision to use the Best Practices section for all our Approved
> Documents Business

And what are we talking about here?  What URL?

(I'm fine with the calling our documents best practices--I'm just
lost in terms of what web page we're talking about.)

> Action 1. Spec review on hold - revisiting a number of items on the
> spec (DTD). Looks like the review will be pushed out two to three
> weeks.
> New Action - Joann will suggest to the TC that all 1.3 DITA proposals
> are brought to the DITA Adoption committee to review against usability.
> Action 2. Conref - Kris added scenarios where conref push would be
> useful.
> Kristen proposes that we approve it today. Noted that there is new
> terminology identified to use with Conref push. It is defined in the
> terminology - "referencing element" and "referenced element" - agreed
> by TC
> Moved by Kristen - Frank Miller Seconded - no objections - Approved.
> New Action - Kristen to post this article to Best Practices - .doc and
> pdf version.
> Action 3.  Please review this document one final time for next meeting
> - we will vote then
> New Action - Sowmya will run the sample code to verify.
> Action 4.  On HOLD - need decision on what is going to be done with
> General Task and the Task Model.
> There is the issue of conrefs  - today, if you use general task and
> strict task together, the conref may not work. The same would be true
> if another group in your organization created a constraint of general
> task, and you conref it. In theory' that should be rejected as invalid,
> either by the editor checking against the DTD or the Open Toolkit when
> it processes. Need to warn people about adopting more than one task
> model in an organization.
> What to do about this incompatibility issues - current suggestion by
> the TC - to create what a "weak constraint" Recommend you follow it,
> but if you don't follow it, it will not blow up your processing.
> General consensus on the Adoption TC is that this is not a good idea.

That what is not a good idea?


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