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Subject: OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee -- Meeting Minutes 1 March 2010

Minutes for the DITA Adoption TC meeting
Committee meeting -- 1 March 2010, 11 am to 12 am ET

Roll call – quorum met. See roster for 1 March 2010.


Regrets from Sowmya Kannan and Rodolfo Raya

Accept minutes from previous business meeting on 15 February 2010 – Gershon proposed, JoAnn seconded

Next mee
ting: 15 March 2010

Open action items
1. JoAnn to outline a Beginner's Guide to Getting Output from DITA (tentative title).
2. (3 June 2009) JoAnn to work on a short article that explains DITA basic and to contact Mary McRae and ask her to establish formal relationship between UNESCO and OASIS.
3. (3 June 2009) Gershon will work on the list of requirements to check for selecting DITA tools that we have in the wiki.
4. (24 June 2009) JoAnn will review and clean the evaluation checklist from Robin, removing company specific details.
5. (24 June 2009) Rodolfo announced that he started working on an article on using XLIFF to translate DITA content. JoAnn and Gershon offered to review the text before its published.
6. (12 October 2009) JoAnn suggested preparing an article where all referencing mechanisms are explained and uses cases are provided. -- to be assigned

7. (1 March 2010) JoAnn will recommend to the Translation Subcommittee members that they join the DITA Adoption Technical Committee rather than form a new Translation Subcommittee under the Adoption TC.

8. (1 March 2010) Gershon will separate the Appendix section of the review wiki into separate items.

9. ( 1 March 2010) Kris will formalize a process for the Adoption TC’s review of the 1.2 specification since we cannot use the DITA TC’s wiki.


1. Kris Eberlein completed a process description for approving and publishing Adoption feature articles.


2. Discussed Tony Self’s and Eliot Kimber’s plug-in for publish PDFs with the OASIS

Marc Speyer is still struggling with the PDF and plug-in. Joe Gelb, Marc, and Kris Eberlein will communicate offline to try to solve the problems.

2. ITEM: DITA 1.2 Architectural Spec update (Kristen or Gershon) – no date yet for the review

3. ITEM: Discuss review assignments for DITA 1.2 Architectural Spec
Gershon asked people to sign-up for the reviews. Names were taken and added to the wiki page.

4. Asked everyone to review the several feature articles: Acronym Best Practices, Domain and Topic Integration, DITA 1.2 Task Model, Tools and DITA Awareness before the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9 am Pacific Standard Time.


JoAnn Hackos PhD


DITA Adoption TC



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