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Subject: OASIS DITA Adoption TC -- Meeting Agenda, March 29 2010

Title: OASIS DITA Adoption TC -- Meeting Agenda, March 29  2010
Committee meeting -- 29 March 2010, 8 am to 9 am PDT

Adoption TC Wiki page -- http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/FrontPage

Roll call

Regrets: Gershon Joseph, Joe Gelb

Accept minutes from previous business meeting on 1 March 2010

ext mee
ting: 15 April 2010

Review open action items
1. (June 2009) JoAnn to outline a Beginner's Guide to Getting Output from DITA (tentative title).
2. (3 June 2009) JoAnn to work on a short article that explains DITA basic and to contact Mary McRae and ask her to establish formal relationship between UNESCO and OASIS.
3. (3 June 2009) Gershon will work on the list of requirements to check for selecting DITA tools that we have in the wiki.
4. (24 June 2009) JoAnn will review and clean the evaluation checklist from Robin, removing company specific details.
5. (24 June 2009) Rodolfo announced that he started working on an article on using XLIFF to translate DITA content. JoAnn and Gershon offered to review the text before its published.
6. (24 June 2009) JoAnn will encourage all members of the DITA Translation Adoption Subcommittee to join the DITA Adoption Technical Committee
7. (12 October 2009) JoAnn suggested preparing an article where all referencing mechanisms are explained and uses cases are provided. -- to be assigned


1 NEW ITEM: Review the Shell Model generator developed by Elovirta. Presentation by Hal Trent.
Discuss need for UI and documentation

2. ITEM: OASIS FO plug-in for DITA-OT
Review test of the plug-in and discuss enhancements

3. ITEM: DITA 1.2 Architectural Spec update (Kristen or Gershon)

4 ITEM: Discuss review assignments for DITA 1.2 Architectural Spec
Review period: TBD

5. ITEM: Approve Marc Speyer's final feature description on domain and topic integration

6. ITEM: Review the Acronym Best Practices forwarded from the Translation SC.

7. ITEM: Article about Tools and DITA Awareness (Su-Laine, JoAnn)
Passed on from DITA TC meeting
Su-Laine w
rote a Tools and DITA Awareness topic. From the DITA TC minutes: Consensus that it won't be part of the spec. Jeff had some comments. What is next step? Adoption TC? JoAnn thought it would be appropriate, fits along with Compliance List for example. Consensus to do so--this will go to JoAnn for the Adoption TC.

8. ITEM: Review the new draft of the DITA 1.2 Task Model feature description

9. ITEM: Continue discussion of referred action from the DITA TC: DITA Adoption TC to add the tool to their list of DITA supporting tools and write a white paper to help users generate custom shells. Gershon to forward this request to the Adoption TC.
New tool -- domain integrator: http://www.elovirta.com/dita-generator/

10. ITEM: DITA tools evaluation checklists and test suite (Gershon)
Gershon plans to move
vendor-centric content to a separate page and making this page user-centric
Gershon intends to make a new page for the test
Consider leveraging the DITA Help SC world time clock examples

11. ITEM: Review list of DITA compliance requirements

12. ITEM: SWOT analysis and plans for follow-on white papers (reassign this task)
SWOT analysis:
WOT analysis with business focus:
SWOT analysis with author focus:
SWOT analysis with IT focus:
Review the SWOT analysis with business focus.
Add comments to the Author and IT pages.

13. On
Hold: ITEM Discuss UNESCO and International Atomic Energy Agency liaison efforts
From Tony Self: For some time, I
have been trying to get Swinburne University involved in OASIS, and have finally made some progress. They might be able to add something to the UNESCO venture, so I wanted to keep tabs on what’s happening in that area. I will keep you informed of developments at my end.

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