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Subject: DITA Adoption TC Meeting Minutes -- 28 June 2010

Minutes for the DITA Adoption TC meeting
Committee meeting – 28 June 2010, 11 am to 12 am ET

Roll call – Gershon Joseph, JoAnn Hackos, Marc Speyer, Frank Miller, Joe Gelb, Kris Eberlein, Troy Klukewich, Chris Goolsby, Paul Grosso.


Regrets from Donald Rohmer, Bryan Schnabel, Mathew Varghese. Robin Sloan is no longer a member of the committee

Accept minutes from previous business meeting on 7 June 2010 – Gershon proposed, JoAnn seconded

Next mee
ting: 19 July 2010

Reviewed Open action items with these changes:

Marc Speyer will look again at the Shell DTD Generator model and work with Gerhson, JoAnn, and Frank on its possible updates.


1. ITEM: DITA 1.2 Architectural Spec Update

The DITA TC has voted to approve the DITA 1.2 committee draft specification. At present, the TC is working on changes required by OASIS. These changes are expected to delay the scheduled OASIS voting process once again. At this point, possible dates for the final DITA 1.2 specification release will be October or November 2010.


However, there is considerable confusion among DITA adopters about the status of the 1.2 specification. JoAnn will draft a “clarification memo” to explain what a Committee Draft means, what the approval process means, and the committee’s view of the current status of the adoption now taking place. We will discuss this memo at the 19 July meeting.


2. ITEM: DITA Adoption Help Subcommittee

Chris Goolsby, on behalf of the DITA Help Subcommittee members and chair, Tony Self, introduced the proposal for a new subcommittee. After discussion Chris moved and Kris Eberlein seconded the proposal. Adopted unanimously.

Gershon took the action to notify OASIS of the new subcommittee.


3. New ITEM: Formation of an Asian Adoption Subcommittee

Gershon brought to the committee’s attention the desire of Asian participants to join the committee. However, the meeting time is a detriment. Discussion centered on the possible formation of a subcommittee to accommodate the Asian members. JoAnn mentioned that such a subcommittee could focus on the particular challenges of Asian adoption, given the makeup of the technical communication activities in companies. JoAnn and Gershon will work on a potential charter for such a subcommittee. Gershon will contact potential members about a suitable meeting time.


4. ITEM: Discussion of the Tools Awareness article begun by Su-Laine.

All committee members were asked to review the new PDF version of the article and suggest additions or changes.


5. ITEM: Reviewed the list of feature articles.

All committee members are asked to review the feature article list and add dates by which they will commit to submitting a draft for committee review.


With Robin Sloan’s retirement from the committee, we need to replace her as author of two articles. Members are asked to consider taking on one or both of her articles. Otherwise new members will be solicited.


Meeting adjourned at 9 am Pacific Standard Time.


JoAnn Hackos PhD


DITA Adoption TC



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