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Subject: Thoughts on DITA 1.2 adoption

Title: Thoughts on DITA 1.2 adoption
Hi All!
At today’s meeting could we discuss developing a basic list of DITA 1.2 features that we would like to see adopted by editing and content management developers?

In asking about DITA 1.2 adoption in writing the status article, I got such diverse feedback from developers that I would like to have a standard list.

Learning and Training
Safety Hazard
Machine Industry

Conref Push
Delayed conref resolution

Referencing a range of elements

Constraint mechanism
Controlled values
Taxonomy mechanism

New linking capabilities in relationship tables

All the new DTD capabilities such as
New map references

I’d like to set something up that is like a checklist that vendors can go to and tell everyone what they have implemented (or the dates for implementation).


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