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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Meeting cancelled for tomorrow

Hi Folks,
Unfortunately, I'm traveling tomorrow to Toronto and, with Gershon gone, I don't have a co-chair to fill in. So I'll need to cancel.

Please would someone volunteer to co-chair so that we can have our regular meetings? I hope someone can volunteer by our next meeting.

We have a "go-ahead" from Dee Shurr to host a webinar. Please think about topics you think we might be interested in and let me know on the listserv. Remember that we had originally been told we could not do webinars. So this is one change that Chet Ensign got changed or at least clarified.

Have not heard more about our requests to simplify the approval process for feature articles. Rodolfo is adding two graphics to the XLIFF article, so we will have to re-approve it. Frank Miller is getting the HTML version ready so we should be ready to start the lengthy process very soon.

Hope no one gets discouraged. I do think we're moving in the right direction.

Best regards,

Sent from my iPad
JoAnn Hackos
Comtech Services Inc

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