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dita-adoption message

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Subject: REGRETS: 9/24 TC meeting

I will be in class all day on Sept 24.


I can give an update from the DITA TC.


The DITA TC continues to review DITA 1.3 proposals. Proposals are available from https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/DITA_1.3_Proposals-triage. There are links on this wiki to phase 2 proposals and phase 3 proposals.


The DITA TC started discussions on DITA 2.0 earlier in September. The DITA TC would like to solicit input from the DITA Adoption TC regarding needs for DITA 2.0 and potential triggers for major design features.


I don’t think the DITA TC is looking for answers immediately, but something the DITA Adoption TC might consider over the next few months.


- Deb


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