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Subject: RFP for dita.xml.org site

It's time to put more DITA in dita.xml.org. The much-used community web site has outgrown its wiki-based framework, and the dita.xml.org Editorial Board is issuing an RFP to transition the site to an infrastructure based on DITA. If your company is interested in supplying this infrastructure in exchange for receiving credit and publicity on the site, please let us know.

Here are the goals of the site:
  1.     Serve as a communication point between the OASIS DITA technical committees (DITA TC and the DITA Adoption TC) and the world-wide community of DITA users
  2.     Serve as a community site to which people can post resources: Tutorials; blogs; event listings; sample DITA topics; resources; etc.

And here is a list of our requirements for the site. We are keeping them as high-level as possible in order to leave room for innovation:

  • Be able to import, store, render, and export  both "full" and a simplified DITA schema or subject
  • Have an embedded editor that allows the creation and export of simple DITA content ( for example, title, paragraphs, lists, simple tables, etc.; sample provided on demand)
  • Be able to edit (both on- and offline) a simplified DITA schema or subset
  • Ability for individuals to post content (articles, resources, whatever) and maintain a personal presence (blog). Content should be able to be viewed by date submitted.
  • Ability for admins to communicate with registered users in some way
  • Search and taxonomy; strong spam control
  • Ease of use for administrators and participants; ability to have multiple moderators/administrators
Below are the parameters that OASIS has outlined for us. In the following text, "Provider" is the vendor of the Web-based application that is selected to provide the infrastructure for dita.xml.org:
  • The xml.org Editorial Guidelines remain in place. (See http://www.xml.org/editorial-guidelines.)
  • Provider must obtain and maintain corporate membership in OASIS.
  • The OASIS DITA Adoption Committee, the DITA Technical Committee, and OASIS staff are solely responsible for curating content.
  • Only OASIS is authorized to offer site sponsorship; provider cannot charge or solicit fees in exchange for visibility on the site. 
  • Provider will receive Focus Area Sponsor benefits in exchange for the services.(See http://www.xml.org/sponsoring-focus-area.)
  • Provider may publish a description of the implementation on the site and issue a press release (subject to approval by OASIS staff); however, OASIS cannot be portrayed as endorsing the Provider’s product over others.
  • OASIS retains copyright on the site content.
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please let us know by 8 December 2014. In the event of multiple responses to this RFP, potential providers will be asked to present prototypes or designs; the selection of a provider will be made by the dita.xml.org Editorial Board.


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

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