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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Adoption-TechComm Meeting Agenda for February 2

         DITA TechComm SC Meeting Agenda
A. Adoption White Papers In Review

   1. Release Management - Tom Cihak et al.
      a. Keith Roberts: expand example
      b. JoAnn: extend/edit the introduction
      c. TBD: Copy-edit
      d. Dave: Investigate the Apache Java tools for generating an 
        Excel spreadsheet with release information
      - POI (http://poi.apache.org/index.html)

   2. MathML/Equations - Autumn Cellar 
      - in Kavi

B. Adoption White Papers In Progress
   1. XML / SVG - Nancy Harrison

   2. Learning and Training -- Mark Myers (SAP) and 
      Jennifer Gemmell (SAP)
      Hunt and Amber Swope to support.

C. Adoption White Paper Candidates
   1. Dave Hollis' Slides on Reference Content
      - in Kavi: 

D. Information Modeling

   1. Regulatory / Policy writing
      a. Bob -- ongoing work on sample implementation
      b. Ray Urgo -- will to review/participate soon

   2. Agile / scrum - Stan Doherty and Bill Gearhart
      a. AI/Stan -- Group the raw document inventory from November into 
         constituent groupings of originators and consumers.
      b. AI/Stan - Run the categorized inventory by Bill Gearhart for
         a reality check.

   3. Flowchart specialization(s)
      - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dita-users/conversations/topics/36218?reverse=1
      - AI/Stan - Collect and categorize the topics/documents referenced 
        in this email thread. 

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