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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Action Items From 11-23-2015 Adoption/TechComm Meeting

        DITA Adoption/TechComm SC Action Items

             !!!WELCOME KATHY MADISON!!!

Attendees: Joann, Bob, Stan, Keith, Jenn, Don, Kris, Kathy, Scott
Regrets: Chris, Dave, Joe

All - Review JoAnn and Stan's SWOT "Strengths" write-up.
      Comments to the list.
Stan - Send reminders ... need to move this one along. 

Don - Draft a "Strengths" paragraph on the power of
      DITA as a framework that is independent of 
      topic typing or minimalism.

All - Continue to review and write up paragraphs for the
      SWOT "weaknesses" items on our wiki.
      > https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/DITA_Adoption_SWOT_Analysis

Stan - Complete the SWOT "Weaknesses" write-up re: 
       tooling. Distribute to folks who provided 
       feedback on tooling and to Roger Scheen (now 
       involved with DITA-OT documentation).

Kris - Send Stan Roger Scheen's email address. 

Chris - Complete the first draft of the CSH whitepaper. 

Bob and Stan - Touch base with Chris Goolsby when his CSH
       whitepaper is ready for review. Bring him up to 
       speed on the new review process. 

All - Review Stan's proposal for regional "listening sessions"
       with DITA practitioners.
Stan - Upload a copy to "Documents" and send link to ATC members. 

Stan - Complete testing on the Release management XQuery plug-in.

Stan - Add a row to our wiki whitepaper planning table for
       tools or methodologies for converting spaghetti 
       conref into keys. Joe Gelb is engaged in this area.

Jenn -- Touch base with Joe Gelb and check out his existing tooling 
        for identifying conditionalized elements. 

Keith - Draft an updated charter for the ATC Focus Area SC
        and distribute to ATC list.

All - Review Keith's updated charter and provide feedback BEFORE
      our next ATC meeting. We'll need to feel our way through
      this one via email. Getting access to OASIS services for 
      SCs would help move things along.

Joann - Contact Magda Caolin (sp?) about her work with a topic/map
        generation program. 
Stan - Add an item to the agenda for the next ATC meeting to 
       continue report-outs and discussions from conferences,
       e.g. http://www.dercom.de/en/dercom-home.

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